Laws imposing forced births strip away self-determination— creating a two-tiered society of who does and doesn’t have bodily autonomy.

Two paths in the woods

People who have had an abortion are yet again telling their stories in public. …

From climate change to electrical grids to our jobs, our diets and our homes, it can be humbling to realize how little power we really have.

Electric power grid

I didn’t have the Texas winter storm that bad.

In fact I was remarkably lucky. It could have been so much worse.

In June…

The scope of a mother’s love is so much bigger than I ever knew — and it’s changed how I’ve loved.

At first come the logistics.

Dates on weekday nights, or carved out of weekend mornings or afternoons, when the child is with his or her dad.

In the case of a toddler, perhaps coming over after bedtime, but not spending the night. The chance of an earlier-than-expected wake-up, or perhaps…

The results of Proposition B won’t solve Austin’s homelessness problem. But it will tell us how we’ll deal with it and who we are.

Homeless ten camp in Austin

On the turning away
From the pale and downtrodden
And the words they say
Which we won’t understand

Don’t accept that what’s happening
Is just a case…

Men must get in the fight to end sexual abuse and violence against women.

City street at night

It’s time for men to give back the night.

As if we could, as if the night is ours at all, much less ours to give. The night belongs to us all, equally, and should be shared and enjoyed by us all, equally, as we choose, safely.

And along with…

Fantasizing about sex is one thing. Recalling what makes it magical is another.

Like burning through your queue and recommendations on Netflix, uninterested in watching something you’ve seen before, I’m getting bored with my memories of sex.

Which is too bad, because minus a few I’d rather forget but can’t, I’m grateful for the video images on replay in my mind: picturing different…

Since antisemitism is rooted in ignorance and bigotry, one specious claim is no more crazy than the one before it.

Starry night over rock formation

An elected official in the United States, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, shared a Facebook book post a few years ago (now deleted) claiming Jews were responsible for a deadly California…

It’s tempting, because it’s easier, to resolve a fight with calls for coming together. But a desire for healing is not enough.


To stay together over the long haul, couples must learn how to fight. How to argue, how to air grievances, how to repair and come back together.


Writers face a critical decision for the setting of new fiction. Will their stories take place before, after or during the pandemic?

Sunrise or sunset?

I’m writing a short story about a man driving alone halfway away across the country; he’s moving to a new city, on his way to his wife and child who are waiting for him. He pulls off the highway to stop for gas, and decides to fill up at a…

While we long for the past, we need to be creative, bold and empathetic about the future.

Christmas morning, 2019. I sit on my friend’s couch and stare out the window.

The fireplace is on, the tree is lit, Christmas music is playing, we’re on our second pot of coffee…

Scott Gilman

Thinking and writing about my place in the world, and making myself (and the world) a little bit better.

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